Friday, October 17, 2008

Back and sad :(

Well, we are back...and already missing the busy streets of Cairo. Going into this trip, I've been dreaming about Egypt for a long time....and thinking that I read so much about it, studied it a lot, planned it for years, that it would not live up to the hype, but it did much more than that. Egypt turned out to surprise and shock you when you least expected it. Leave the touristy areas, away from all the touts and scams, you witness the real Egypt, with friendly, welcoming and a proud people. Jordan also didn't disappoint, with such a variety of things to see and do for such a small country, it truly is a dream tourist spot.

There are so many things we will remember about this trip like horseback riding into Petra, camel trekking around the Ancient City, to Donkey trekking up the mountain to the Monastery. Weird and cool things like getting a $25 Iraq bill from a guy in Petra...the bill has Saddam Hussein on it still. From getting a mud body-wrap and face mask at the Dead Sea in Jordan, to visiting Wadi Rum desert and it's amazing mars-like views, and looking over the mountains to Saudi Arabia. And of coarse Egypt, from the extraordinary temples in Luxor, to the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and Queens, to Cairo and it's crazy traffic, to Giza and the priceless pyramids, and to the lesser known pyramids in Dashur and Saqqara. Climbing inside the hot, muggy and claustrophobic chambers in the pyramids themselves. To the complete opposite and empty White Desert, where camping under a bright full moon with weird white formations all around us was one of our best experiences ever!

We tried to fit in as much as we could in 2 weeks, with still enough time to savour the moments and enjoy the country and its people.

Well, hope you all enjoyed this blog...and until our next adventure...see ya

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To be continued....I hear PERU calling!!!!
Coming soon in 2009!!

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ibrahimmossad said...

I wonder if you had the time to visit Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada. If not, you missed a lot.
Any way, your discription & photos are great. Best wishes

Ibrahim the Egyptian