Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hotter than HOT!

Today, we woke up early and went to visit the 2 famous temples in Luxor. the first temple we visited was Karnak temple, and it covers 60 acres. It was amazing , the further in you walk, the older the temple is. That's b/c different pharaohs built on it, since the original, even Byzantians, Romans and Greek built some parts. one place has many columns, all with wicked hieroglyphics, some had coloured walls, with depictions of various things.

The second temple we went to was Luxor temple itself, which covers 4 acres. Also very impressive, and also very HOT!!!

By lunchtime we got back to our hotel, and ate at a small local restaurant. The best experience!!! It is right beside the local souk, which sells everything from fruit, sheeshas, spices, cotton and linens, and souvenirs.

We are now relaxing on the roof top of the small hotel, enjoying the shade.
Planning to take a felucca ride on the Nile in the evening (if weather permits, frickin HOT), and hopefully get a good sunset. Should be good bargaining with the guys on the Nile bank :)

Oh ya, also bought papyrus, with a cool scene on it, from different gods like Anubis Horus, Isis and some more which I can't remember cause my brain is fried.

I think tomorrow, we will try to head out even earlier than today, around 5 in the morning, to avoid the heat, which is 40 degress right now!!! "stick a fork in me Jerry, I'm doneee!!"
At least it's dry heat, so in the shade, you feel good...
we are enjoying every minute of it.

We love it here, thinking about staying permantly (just joking Stasia)

Well, off to smoke some sheesha.....sheeesyaaa later!!

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