Friday, October 10, 2008

The Curse of Tutankhamen!!!!

As you guys know, yesterday we visited the Tomb of Tutankhamen...and I think I got the curse!!! It hit me hard yesterday night, and lasted too long!
I think I lost 8 lbs.!!! damn the Pharaohs revenge! lol

Yesterday we also took a felucca ride at sunset. Feluccas are small Egyptian sailboats, which have been used for hundreds of years. It was cool bargaining with the captain of the felucca, and we got it down to a price which made him happy and made us feel like we didn't get ripped too much. During the sail, he made us Egyptian tea, and was talking about the Nile....GREAT HOSPITALITY, which by the way, Egyptians are very proud of.

On the walk back from the bank of the Nile, we walked towards our hotel. The Luxor Temple at this point was already lit up for the night. We took some pics and kept walking.

There are tons of touts, trying to sell you everything and anything possible. This one guy was totally funny. He must of followed us for 500 metres. He first started trying to sell us a horse and carriage ride, excursion to the market (which of coarse was on only that day, and only for the next 2 hours ;) and when all that failed, all his "ohhh, from Canada, Canada Dry, very cold", he obviously saw we weren't going to get anything off him, so he brought out his final offer, to try to seal the deal. "sir, sirrrr, you want some hash, come on, I know all Canadians like to smoke some!!!" As tempting as it was, with all the officers and soldiers walking around, might of not been the best idea.

Later, when we reached the hotel, we relaxed on the rooftop patio, where we met a photo-journalist. He was such an interesting guy, and we had a great conversation. Actually, the rooftop patio, was a great place for us to meet other travellers from around the world, and share some travel stories and adventures.
If you want to check out some of his incredible photos, go to his web at

Now we are just relaxing on the rooftop, and waiting to go to the airport, heading to Cairo.

The next 2 days, it's going to be pyramids, pyramids, pyramids!!!! Dreams do come true..hehehehe

Talk to you from Cairo!!!

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