Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot, Humid and taxi with broken air cons

What's up with getting a taxi in Ottawa on a hot day that actually has an air conditioner that works. Apparently both taxis I took said that the air con broke the day before...ya's always the day before. Not only that, the guy got lost, then his credit card machine was broken, and then he dropped me off 300 metres from the place. I went into the meeting sweating like a just worked out for 3 hours.

That's was my day in Ottawa.
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The Nation's Capital is frickin hot!!

Sitting on a rooftop patio going over some notes for work before my meeting this afternoon. Let me tell you, I feel like Kramer on Seinfeld when he hangs out on the rooftop patio too long while buttering himself up. "Stick a fork in me Jerry, I'm done!!!". It must be like 40 degrees celsius up here. Might only be able to take this for like 10 more minutes, otherwise some fat Ottawanian will try to eat me, cause you could stick a fork in me, I'm totally done!!! Lol

Was able to quickly walk to the Parliament Building area, and I will post those photos on Flickr when I get back.

I better not knock over any jars of parmesian or parsley while I'm going in from this heat... ;)

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Top 10 Future Travel Destinations

Someone lately asked me what my top 10 travel destinations were. The criteria was simple, pick any place in the world which you think you would be able to travel to.

Well here is my list in no particular order:

1. Brazil
2. China
3. Antartic
4. New Zealand
5. South Africa
6. Ethiopia
7. Ecuador
8. Indonesia
9. Poland (my wife's homeland)
10. Zimbabwe(or another Africa country like Kenya
11. Guatemala

ok, so I couldn't come up with only ten!! lol

Here is Aneta's top 10, again in no particular order.

1. Poland
2. Italy
3. Brazil
4. South Africa
5. Kenya
6. Australia
7. China
8. Argentina
9. Antartic
10. Russia

I hope I can check off these countries sooner rather then later.