Friday, September 24, 2010

What's the deal with soap in Victoria??

Here I am on Vancouver island in Victoria. Question: Why does the soap in Victoria not wash off properly??
Answer: Who the freck knows?

I try and wash my hands, no matter if at hotel or public washroom, and once you put on the soap, that's it!!! It doesn't come off...takes a good 3 minutes before you can wash it off. Now the bigger question might be, is it the soap, or the water. I'm starting to think it might be the water. Since the "water" is the constant in this equation. Soap is different at the hotel, or any public place I go to, but water remains the same.

I must investigate further before a proper decision and conclusion can be determined!!! ;)

My studies will continue, as I have one more client meeting before I head to Nanaimo for some more meetings on Monday.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Back in BC again

I am back in Vancouver again for work, and it's been only 5 months since I was there last time.

Got in on Sunday, as I have early meetings Monday, and took the chance to visit the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. What an amazing place, with probably the best collection of Northwest Coast Native art and cultural items. Plus, they have an international collection of masks from around the world, everywhere from PNG to Mexico. Anyone who knows me well, knows I love tribal artifacts and art, including masks and wooden carvings. It was like I was in a candy store!!

Had some meetings today, which went really good, and had a chance to walk around Stanley Park in between meetings.
Had a rental car with GPS, so I could find the offices where I had meetings, and I'm glad I did, since it would have been impossible for me to find anything at all.

I have 2 more days of meetings in the Vancouver area, and then I am on my way to Vancouver Island, with more meetings in Victoria and Nanaimo. This will be my first time on the island, and can't wait to see it.

Will post more later...salmon you later!!!