Thursday, October 16, 2008

Avoiding the dripping air conditioners in Cairo!!

Today we just took it easy and relaxed. I did walk to the Cairo Museum, about 15 minutes from our hotel.
Crossing the street at the main circle intersection was challenging and funny, as there are no crosswalks, and you have to cross about 12 lanes in total to get to the other side. Of coarse I used my Frogger skills like George Costanza, and made it across no problems! :)

I wanted to re-visit the museum, because they have a store which has many reproductions of famous Egyptian sculptures and artifacts. I found the replica of the Rosetta Stone, which is probably the most important find in Egyptology. Discovered in 1799, the stele has writings in hieroglyphics and ancient Greek. This enabled archaeologists to decipher the hieroglyphics, and translate them.

Walking in downtown Cairo is funny, as there are tons of air conditioners hanging from every building, so you have to avoid the dripping water, which occurs every few steps. Pretty funny stuff!! It's like a game, and the locals know exactly how to avoid each drop as if an art form.
Cairo is nicknamed "The City of A Thousand Minarets", but it should be the City of a million dripping air conditioners.

We are now just waiting an hour or so, until we leave for the airport. SUCKS!!! :(

See you at home!!


Matt said...

I would be more worried about avoiding the air conditioners themselves. Who knows what is holding those things up there...

anetamark said...

heheheh...true...the dripping water is supposed to warn you!! lol