Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sphinx and camels

Today we woke up early again, and went to the Giza Plateau, to visit the famous pyramids and the Sphinx. Since Aneta already went into the Red Pyramid yesterday, she decided to skip it today. I still went into the Great Pyramid, and the tunnel is long and really small, and first goes up to a anti-chamber, which is now closed, and then goes up again, where you can barely make it, in a tunnel less than 1 metre tall, and less than 1 metre width. It opens up at the Queen Chamber, where you are still not allowed to go in. Then it climbs once more, with a narrow tunnel, into the King's Chamber. The walls are cut so perfectly and precise. It is also very hot, and the air is very bad in the chamber.

After I got out, we went for a camel ride around the was pretty cool, as the camels have really colourful wool saddles. You will see pics when we get back.

After this, we went to see the Sphinx...again, words can't describe it...

This was my dream as a small kid, watching Indiana Jones when I was 6 years old, and falling in love with archeology....this whole trip so far, has not disappointed.

Tomorrow morning we will leave really early, for the Western Desert of Egypt...visiting places such as Bahariya Oasis, the White and Black Desert and some hot and cold springs along the way. We will be camping in the middle of the desert, about 6 hours from Cairo...apparently, the stars are the brightest you will ever see, as the closet city of artificial lights are Cairo, and there is nothing in between.

So obviously, we will have no Internet or computer, so we will not post most likely until really late Tuesday night or Wednesday....we are now about to go to another hotel in downtown Cairo, called the Osiris Hotel....

Sphinx you later!!!!

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