Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coca Tea and me!!

After a really long journey we finally arrived in Cusco. First thing we did is make ourselves some coca tea. As we sit here enjoying our coca, of course made from the leaves of the coca plant, I hope there are no drug tests when we come back to Canada... lolol

We are at Rumi Punku Hostel, which is built on original Inca walls, and has an original Inca door way, one of the only complete doors left in Cusco. This hostel is really cool and authentic. We are in a area called the neighnourhood of artists. Surrounding us are old homes with reddish clay roofs and white walls, with the Andean Mountains in the background.

One of our first impressions of Peru, are how friendly the people are, and very proud of their Inca roots. We are just relaxing now, and waiting for our altitude sickness to kick in, hopefully it doesn't happen. Either way we are on our second cup of coca tea and we feel greeaaaatttt!!!!

Adios Amigos!!!


Matt said...

Nice! Isn't Cusco the name of the emperor in the Disney animation Emperor's New Groove? :)

Anonymous said...

Why don't you guys find out what or how the Incan's processed the coca leaves!

Aneta and Mark said...

Sorry Matt, didn't see that movie....Not into Disney too much dude!! lolol

Anonymous...I don't think I need to find out how the Inca's processed the leaves, we all know how that's done!! lol

btw, we have a zip lock bag in our back pockets with some leaves right now...been chewing them all day!