Friday, May 22, 2009

Shopping, walking and shopping!!

Today was more of our down day, as we didn't have anything important planned. We did pick-up our train tickets to Machu Picchu for tomorrow, and also picked up our bus tickets and entrance tickets. We leave really early tomorrow, as around 5 am for the train to Aquas Calientes, which is the little town close to Machu Picchu. We are pretty excited!!

We ended up walking around the town all day today, and bought some art. With the many hills, steps in Cusco, we are getting giant calves! lol That combined with the altitude, it seems like we are training for the Olympics...The gringo walking and shopping's a new medal though!!!

We also passed by this little bakery near our hotel, and like always, bakeries never disappoint in foreign countries. They had some awesome local food and at local prices.

Depending on the internet connection in Aquas Calientes, we may not post tomorrow at all. Hopefully we still can...

We will have 2 full days for Machu Picchu, which was one of the main reasons we came to Peru.

Hasta maƱana mis amigos, tenga algunas hojas de coca!! :)

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