Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 days to go!!!!!!

The departure date is approaching, a few days away.
Our first post will probably be on Saturday, October 4 from Amman, Jordan.

We will try to post everyday, but there will be times when we will not have access to a computer, like when we will be camping in the desert.

Please leave comments if you like!!

We will see everyone when we get back!!!


Bradford said...

Have fun you wild and crazy cats!
You will be missed, but no doubt you will not be missing that much! :)

Easy on the flakies out there Buju!
Also make sure not to shake anyone's left hand :-o

Anonymous said...

Have an amazing trip. If you can make it over on Oct 17 for Bruno's 40th we would LOVE to see you. Otherwise we will get together after to see and hear all the details of the trip!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

have good time

Jen and Mike said...

Hey guys, hope you have an amazing trip, can't wait to read your updates