Friday, August 22, 2008

Staying in touch with family and friends while we travel

Welcome all!!

Leaving early October, we will be off, backpacking and travelling through Jordan and Egypt for 2 weeks.

This blog will enable family and friends to stay in touch with us, follow our travels, and leave us comments and notes.

We will be staying 4 days in Jordan, travelling all around the country, visiting places like Petra, the desert and surrounding area of Wadi Rum, floating at the world's lowest spot at the Dead Sea (which is right at the borders of Israel and the Palestinian Territories) and the capital of Jordan, Amman, and much more.

We were intending to go to Syria for a day, but in the end, the passport visa was really expensive and the border crossing seemed to be too long and complicated for just one day of travel, so we gave up.

We do have 11 days in Egypt and we packed in as much as we can. We will be going to places like Cairo, Giza, Memphis, Dashur, Luxor, Valley of the Kings, Bahariyya Oasis, Black Desert, White Desert, Western Desert and much more.

This has been one of our dream trips for a while, so we are pretty stoked.
Check out the maps of Jordan and Egypt, so you can follow our path and areas we will visit.

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We will post probably once more before we leave.

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