Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sunset in Roatan, Honduras

As we approach our last days here in Honduras, we think about the many interesting things we did as a family on his adventure. 

Our base was in the Bohemian town of West End, which is on the shores of Half Moon Bay.  Funky little town with lots of ex-pats, especially Canadians.

We started off visiting a monkey and bird sanctuary where Tyya had monkeys, lizards and birds hanging off her and jumping on her head.

The next day we headed to visit the famous West Bay and stayed on he beach and did some snorkeling.  We visited both The Grand Roatan and Infinity Bay Beach Resort and Spa.

We hung out in West End the next 2 days, enjoying the beach and walking around the town to a few art shops.  Bought ourselves some cool Honduran art pieces for our collection at home.

Then it was our big day for Tyya.  We went to Anthony's Key at the Institute for Marine Sciences to have a beach encounter with dolphins.  Tyya loved it and so did we.

Handing out on our porch which is right on Half Moon Bay Beach with only one day left, we wish we could stay forever. Unfortunately it's back to reality on Tuesday.  Look on the bright side, we can start planning our next adventure once we get back.  ;)

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