Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Paddo, Paddo, Paddo...tan ya ghe up!!!

In January, 2008, we ended up taking a trip to the north coast of the Dominican Republic. It was awesome, since we got it free with AirMiles, so no complaints there.

We stayed in Playa Dorada area, and rented a car, to take various day trips from that area. One of the places we went to was Playa Encuentro which is near the town of Cabarete. It is really famous for surfing. I decided to finally take a short course on surfing instead of just going into the water, and trying it out. So, we get this guy from Buena Onda Surf School, who are located right on the beach. Well the guy who taught me some basics was awesome, and I learned a lot of stuff that I thought I was doing right before, but never had anyone in the water telling me my mistakes as I surf. The problem was the language barrier, as he had a very heavy Spanish accent. My wife was taking pics and filming, and it was classic, since he kept telling me this one thing, which became the "quote" of our trip to the DR...it was "paddo, paddo, paddo, tan ya ghe up!!" Of coarse what he was saying was "paddle, paddle, paddle, then you get up!!"

Well, I did just that in the water, I paddo, paddo, paddo....

This place was awesome, and the people of the DR were really cool. Driving in this country was really fun, as it wasn't boring like back home in Toronto...you needed to pass, skid, avoid potholes (more like giant caves), avoid old motor bikes and brake all the time.

This is the type of place, on the north coast of the DR that I would love to live....

Catch you on the water, and remember....Paddo, Paddo, Paddo...tan ya ghe up!!!

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