Thursday, November 26, 2009

A break from hardcore travelling!

Just in case people haven't noticed, but we took a break from our backpacking trips lately, and just recently returned from Jamaica, which was a much more relaxing trip. We still did some cool off-= the beaten trail stuff, but on the most part kept it low key.

After 3 consecutive years of major backpacking trips, March/April 2007 to Thailand, October 2008 to Egypt & Jordan and May 2009 to Peru, we decided to take it a little easy for now. We still were able to sneak in a trip to the Dominican Republic in Jan. 2008 and Jamaica in Oct. 2009.

So we are heading off for 4 days to The Bahamas, in search of some R&R!

This is sort of a milestone, as it is country #25 for Aneta. It may sound low for some, but hey, we think it's pretty good ;)

It's also country #20 for yahhhh!!!

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