Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jamaica-The land of sun and sea

As our trip to Jamaica approaches, I keep thinking of how such a small country has influenced much of the world's popular culture. From Jamaica's track sprinters, like Bolt, Powell, .....to reggae music and Marley, Tosh, Bantan, Yellowman, Beenie Man....

A country which is home and has inspired 2 of my favorite things in life, Bob Marley and reggae music and Ian Fleming and James Bond!

Bob Marley, born in a small town about 1 hour south of Ocho Rios, called Nine Mile and
the creator of James Bond, Ian Fleming, who had a summer residence called 'Goldeneye' about 20 minutes east of Ocho Rios. Here he wrote many of his Bond books, and incorporated Jamaica in many of them, especially the first movie, Dr. No, which entirely takes place and is filmed in Jamaica. The famous beach where Ursula Andress gets out of the water, is literally 5-10 drive from Ocho Rios, and about a 20 minute walk.

About 2 days to go until we leave...let's hope for no hurricane!!

Evert'ing cool, mon, evert'ing irie!! Soon come, de' oly' erb, sensie and tampie! ;)

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Astroboy said...

Have lots of fun guys!! Take lots of pictures...